Star is a young graffiti writer, the best in his city, paris. his reputation attracts him as much into art galleries than in the police precincts. Accused of vandalism, he faces jail. Despite the threat, he decides to go to rome with his crew in search of the meaning of his art.

A feature film by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione
Written by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione and Serge Bondt
With Finlay Murphy, David Sari, Michael Kaves, Romain Le Pabic, Astrid Meloni, Blqck Picqsso, Emmanuel Lapalus, Serge Bondt.

Production: Marc-Aurèle Vecchione, Sara Brucker, Olivier Bassuet and Ulysse Genet
Original soundtrack: Chaze, Dj Seadz, Omar White and Dj Pone
Director of photography: Nicolas Desaintquentin
Sound: Christophe Couot
Editing: Matthieu Brunel
Sound mixing: Simon Apostolou
Color correction: Regis Oyer
Graphic Design: Skki
FX: Capcp Christophe Cholleton