Paris 1983, they are between 14 and 18 years old, and they write their name on the city walls.
Inspired by the New York phenomenon, they don’t just copy existing forms, but have created their own style, imposed their own signatures and inspired a whole generation
They communicate through the letters of their name. They are called “Writers”.
Graffiti is most often perceived as a blight that disfigures urban space, rather than as a form of expression and has never been the object of a serious study.
This film is the first to shed light on a major phenomenon that forms the basis of the whole hip-hop sub culture – arguably the richest contemporary cultural movement to have emerged in the last decades
The director, Marc-Aurele Vecchione as a former “Writer” himself not has unique insight into the movement, but also the necessary status to gain unprecedented re-entry to the closed world of “Writers” present and past.
Vecchione spent two years speaking to key figures in France, Amsterdam, London & New York. His aim was to reconstruct the history of the French movement from the point of view of crucial eyewitnesses, and persuade these witnesses to talk in front of his camera.
Through interviews, unreleased archives and narration by Vincent Cassel, Vecchione film “WRITERS”, a 1 hour 30 minute documentary, tells the previously unknown story of graffiti for the first time.
An hour of extras revisits important moments and characters like the famous Stalingrad ground or Bando Mode 2, Boxer, cult names for those raised in the hip-hop culture.
20 years old later they return to tell us how Graffiti covered our walls and how the graphic basis of the discipline evolved.
How, motivated by a desire for recognition and driven by competition they created a new graphic movement, a new style of writing that developed a sophisticated calligraphy on a new backdrop.
A French school was born and contributed to the development of the European style and kept up with the New York ‘s pioneers work.
More than just an overview the director gives us insight into the meaning, the aesthetic, & the political sense of writing.

Enter the writer’s world.


A film directed by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione
Résistance Films 2003

On an original soundtrack produced by Soper, Shone, Gallegos, Chaze, The Fitter and Jean Gillet

Released on DVD on March 2004