Resistance films

Film production since 2002

Founded in 2002 by Sara Brucker and Marc-Aurèle Vecchione, RESISTANCE FILMS was born from the ambition to produce atypical programs on the unique world of urban cultures. Demanding, modern and innovative, our way to address social, historical and artistic issues encourages us on every project, crossing cultures and influences, to give meaning to rebellious youths who have helped shape the world around us. The projects in our catalog are formal and editorial evidences: from Writers to Antifa, B-Boys to Capturing a Culture, films produced by RESISTANCE FILMS resurrect the creative energy of counter-cultures through those that have marked it with their blueprint. These films have forged the reputation and the legitimacy of our structure. In 2015, with WEI OR DIE (France Télévisions) and STAR, RESISTANCE FILMS produces fictions with the same will to treat universes too little explored in the French cinematographic landscape in through an artistic approach which we have never deviated and that makes
today our strength.

Sara Brücker



Sara Brucker est productrice. Après un 3e cycle de droit international à Paris II, elle a créé en 2002 sa structure de production, Résistance films, au sein de laquelle elle produit des fictions et des documentaires abordant des problématiques telles que l’art et la culture et l’histoire et est en charge des Nouvelles écritures. 

Marc-Aurèle Vecchione

Director, Producer


Marc-Aurèle Vecchione began his “writer” career as OREL, during the late 80s he quickly established himself among the MOST ACTIVE “vandal writers” of his generation.He is now part of GT (GRIM TEAM) a well known parisian graffiti crew connected to the rest of europe as well as united states and south america.
While he spent his teenage years to “degrade” the walls of his city, he returned to the National Superior School of Architecture where he will learn the art of construction. His studies will sensitize him to topics such as the future of the city, especially Paris and the place of the individual in the urban fabrics. After some projects completed at the end of his studies, architecture will not become his profession, he did not feel free enough.
In early 2000, when he formed himself to the audiovisual skills as extra work for his studies, he is completely dedicated to imagery. He finds there a free field, close to Graffiti in the creation process.

Today his structure Resistance Films is a production company playing a major role in the world of underground and engaged documentary . Marc-Aurèle Vecchione is the author / director of: WRITERS “20 years of Graffiti in Paris “ANTIFA” skin Hunters “BLACK MUSIC” FromThe iron chains to the gold chains, “UNDERGROUND KONTRO” on the Catacombs of Paris and fathers of urban exploration, TATTOOS on popularizing the tattoo in the West, a history of breakdancing “BBOY”, “HAIR BATTLE “The rebellion with haircuts and “CAPTURING A CULTURE” photographers which revealed the urban tribes of North America or United Kingdom, and more recently switched to fiction with a first feature film STAR.
Besides his producer/director activity, he continued to paint in the street and got particularly noticed for his “fluctuat nec mergitur” paintings made following the terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris. He recently founded FNM an association dedicated to promoting artistic actions linked to Paris.